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Ruggero Cement COlors and Stamp Patterns Ruggero Cement COlors and Stamp Patterns Ruggero Cement COlors and Stamp Patterns

Coloring Concrete...Turning Flat Looking Concrete into a Thing of Beauty!

Concrete color staining has become a very popular trend these days both for tramsforming exisiting concrete as well as the creative options offered when having a new stamped pattern or flat concrete patio or driveway installed. There's no doubt concrete coloring adds a decorative, dimensional and refreshing new appeal to any home, business or retail space flooring.

Coloring concrete offers many advantages like the ability to hide old embedded stains, adds the natural look of stone and helps draw attention and interest to an otherwise dull plain concrete surface. Tired of the same old dull looking concrete? Ruggero Construction uses highly penetrating reactive stains that chemically combine with cured concrete to produce permanent varying artistic coloring effects. Ruggero Construction offers a wide variety (see color chart below) of new and exciting coloring techniques and an endless range of color combinations that will give your plain old concrete or faded concrete a much more realistic stone look found in natural earth and rock. Rich, deep saturated colors can quickly transform any concrete surface into something that has a new artistic beauty and dimension to it. Our techniques in concrete color staining can compliment a variety of hardscape designs as well as add a totally new contemporary look to both exterior and interior concrete flooring.

  Concrete Staining Colors

Ruggero Construction invites you to explore the world of available colors today for stamped and flat-work concrete! The color combination possibilities are endless and we even offer color matching to the color of your home's existing brick or siding.

Here you can view and choose from a large selection of available colors and gather color combination ideas for your own project. Keep in mind that when we visit you for a FREE home consultation, we bring sample boards of the actual finished product so you can get a better idea of how the different colors will match up to your home's current brick or siding colors.
We can Color your World!

Solomon Color Charts-Ruggero Cement

Note: We can mix and match Custom Colors for any project.